Yayy! New Unicornos!

Since I was having a hard time with my mental health last month, I wanted to try and cheer myself up and so I decided it was time to get some more unicorno blindboxes. Opening these boxes to find a surprise, beautifully-designed, colourful unicorno inside never fails to make me smile! :) If you haven't seen my unicorno posts before, they are adorable unicorn vinyl figures made by a company called Tokidoki, which sells loads of adorable mech. There are twelve to collect in each series, and I'm currently trying to complete series 4. Before ordering these new blindboxes, I had collected seven unicornos and I was so happy to discover that I'd received two new unicornos (plus a couple of duplicates!) and I can't wait to show them to you all. I hope you enjoy reading! 

 I am so happy that I finally received Cornetto! I just love his design, I think he's so pretty and adorable, and he was one of my favourites in this series from the start. Cornetto's design resembles the characters in Tokidoki's Donutella & Friends collection. 

 I love the light and dark brown colour of his body, along with the icing and sprinkles of this design, it makes me think of a chocolate-coated donut. I absolutely love the multi-coloured sprinkles, they stand out so well because of his body colour. His horn is also really eye-catching being bright white. 

Isn't he just so pretty!? I like how the Tokidoki logo is different shade of brown to the rest of the unicorno. He's just a lovely unicorno and I'm so glad that I have now added him to my collection :) 

It was my lucky day when I opened these blindboxes! I got another new unicorno, which was also on my original favourites list! This unicorno is called Cremino and his design also resembles another of the Tokidoki characters, Moofia. These characters are cow themed and many of them are designed to look like milk cartons. Latte is one of most well-known of the Moofia series, and Cremino has been made to look like him :) 

I think it's so cool that Cremino has two horns and that they are an awesome gold colour! I love his matching gold hooves & cheeks. My favourite part about his design is the pale blue colour they've used. I really like how it looks like they've dipped half of the figure in blue paint. 

I think the bright white colour of this unicorno is so pretty! It's another wonderful unicorn! I am definitely in love with these unicornos and it's going to be difficult for me to resist collecting series 1,2 & 3 but at the moment, I have no where to display anymore! I just have three more figures to collect to complete this series, two of which are chasers! Wish me luck :) 

Thankyou for reading!

Which unicorno do you prefer? Cornetto or Cremino? 

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  1. Aww these unicornos are so cute especially Cremino ! I love tokidoki , their designs are so cute and they sell a whole variety of things. I have a pencil case and bag made by them! Great Post!


    1. Thankyou :) Me too! Their designs & characters are just so pretty and adorable! I have a tokidoki bag too & I love it, I also have a some stationary, a plushie & a pencil case. I'd love to get some more of their merch; next of my wishlist is a make-up bag :) x

  2. I love these little unicorns! :D I can't wait to get mine in the post that I won from your competition! :D


    1. They are so lovely, right? :) He's on his way to you now so won't be long until you have your own unicorno! yayy :3